Almost five million Americans each year are dog bite victims.

About 800,000 of these victims seek medical attention for their injuries. The cost of dog bites is estimated to exceed one billion dollars per year. Unfortunately, the problem is steadily growing. The number of dog bite incidents has increased by a third in the last decade while the number of dogs has only increased by 2%.

A study by California State University found the likelihood that a dog will bite someone seriously during the course of a year is 1 in 55.

Sadly, about half the victims are children, with the most likely target being between the ages of 5 and 9. Dog bites are the second most common cause of childhood injury, surpassing playground accidents. The majority of dog bite injuries towards children involved the face and can result in disfigurement.

Most biting dogs belong to a family member or friend and the majority of incidents happen at home or in familiar place.

According to the law, dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and homeowners insurance will pay for the damages.
Dog bites account for about a third of home owners’ insurance claims.

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