Moving Violation Defense Attorney Las Vegas

Traffic violations may seem to be minor and insignificant, but they are anything but that. They can haunt you
for a long time, make your insurance costs go up, and result in a revocation of your driver’s license.

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Getting a Nevada traffic ticket for a moving violation will have long term affects on your driving record.
Because Nevada assigns a point scale to most moving violations, every time you get a traffic ticket for a moving violation additional points will appear on your driving record. Points will make your insurance rates go up, and too many points will cause you to lose your license to drive in Nevada.

The most common moving violations are (for a complete list, see Nevada Traffic Law):

» Speeding
» Running a Red Light / Stop Sign
» Illegal Lane Change

Tickets for moving violations see like simple infractions to most people, but don’t be fooled. Traffic tickets for moving
violations are not trivial matters! If you pay your moving violation traffic ticket then you effectively plead guilty to something that can have long term affects on your privilege to drive.

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